Can I create a Cash Flow Report...

Can i create a Cash Flow report that shows (1) projected income (2) projected expenses and (3) their difference? I looked at the "canned" cash flow report and budgeting and they seem to deal with current income and expenses; that and the budget reports are too detailed. I'll set the time period - like a report for the first six months of CY 2021.


  • Sherlock
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    There is no such Cash Flow report that projects income and expenses without entering the future transactions.  You may want to consider viewing the monthly projected Cash Flow using the In/Out/What's Left item on a Home view.
  • jah47Ed
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    They key word is "projected" or "future". Thanks for your input. Maybe Quicken developers will take note!! I think the data is there in the Budget.
    As a bit of humor (?) - The "how fast am I going broke" report.
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    You simply take your cash flow report, and customize the date range by selecting a futur custom date. You will see how things will go in futur regarding all scheduled amounts you have set.
  • UKR
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    Have you taken a look at the Projected Balances view and report, available from the Planning tab?
    May need a little customization to include/exclude the accounts you want to see and the Date Range, how far into the future you want to look.
    Works best if you have Scheduled Reminders for all recurring income and expense events.
  • jah47Ed
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    URK - what you suggest will work. Lots of details, but I can select the one (checking) account I want to monitor and a Custom date range. You cannot set the starting date of the date range, it is always Today. I'm not sure this has a big impact on what I want, after all, I want a projection. I'll "double check" scheduled reminders - make sure the "big one time or semi-annual events" like insurance premium payments are scheduled. Thanks....
  • jah47Ed
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    Valderi - I looked at Cash Flow Report and selected the account I want to watch. It does not appear Cash Flow Report projects either Expenses or Income. I want to see projected Income and Expenses over a custom date range, like 90 days or the next six months. Thanks for your input.
  • Snowman
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    I gave up on this is Quicken years ago.  I have an Excel spreadsheet that I do the Cash Flow Report.  It is a bit of work to set up at first but once done it is a much better tool for this than anything Quicken has at this point.
  • jah47Ed
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    I can download an .ofx file from my bank but I can't seem to convert it to a .xlm file that Excel can use. Bank (really a credit union) lets customers download to the now obsolete Microsoft Money - thus the .ofx file format. They used to let customers download a .cvs (?) comma delimited file years ago, but no longer.
    I use Excel quite frequently. You could easily set up a spreadsheet, but it would be time consuming to enter all the data. I need to read more about converting .oxf files. Thanks for your input.
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