Working with a Brokerage Account can the Category Dividend Income be changed to _DivInc

_DivInc is already a predesignated Category and Dividend Income isn't. Would make it easier to use it for tax reporting purposes.


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    I believe _DivInc is a category name from Quicken Windows; did you migrate from Windows? Quicken Mac doesn't use the category names starting with an underscore (Windows) or bullets (legacy Quicken Mac 2007). Quicken Mac uses the sub-categories under the main Investments category. In the categories window, you can see that these has a status of "Required", and as such, they cannot be changed, merged or deleted.

    Normally in Quicken Mac, you don't even need these accounts. When dividend income is recorded in an account, the transaction type is Dividend Income, and Quicken knows what category tom app that to -- you can't even see the actual account. Similarly, for the Tax Report, Quicken doesn't even show the actual categories used; it knows which ones to put under which headings. 
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