what is the difference between quicken 2019/2020 and quicken 6.0

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I have quicken 2007 and need to upgrade. Running iMac High Sierra but will upgrade to Big Sur eventually. Should I go to quicken 2019/2020 or quicken 6.1?


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    Hello @Galway

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. Quicken 2019/2020 and Quicken version 6.1 are the same program. Since Quicken is a subscription based software now instead of receiving a new version each year the program is continually updated as time goes on. Everything from Quicken 2018 forward has been the same program 

    I would recommend buying Quicken from either the Quicken website or an authorized third party retailer like Best Buy or Walmart. If you have any other questions please let us know.


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  • Galway
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    So if I buy Q6.1, will it be able to upgrade all my data from Q2007? Or will I have to start from scratch?
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    @Galway  Yes, the current Quicken will be able to import your Quicken 2007 data. In most cases, the import process is pretty clean and accurate, but some users need to do some clean-up to get their account balances perfectly back in order. (For instance,e several of my investment accounts came over form Quicken 2007 with $0.01 balances because of differences in rounding for purchases, sales and reinvestments over the years; it wasn't hard to fix.)

    Are you getting a new Mac or updating the operating system on your existing one? If it's possible for you to run Quicken 2007 and current Quicken Mac simultaneously, that may make it easier to verify your accounts and balances and holdings. If you're going to upgrade your existing Mac from High Sierra to Big Sur, you might want to purchase Quicken Mac before you do the macOS upgrade -- under High Sierra, you can run both Quicken 2007 and the current Quicken Mac, even at the same time. Once you update to Big Sur, you won't be able to run Quicken 2007 at all.
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