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Select an account balance

I can't seem to find any way to drag select or double or triple click to select an account balance or other values in the application. It would be really helpful to be able to copy/paste numbers from accounts into other applications on the Mac. If anyone knows a way to do I'd really appreciate hearing about it.

Thanks very much.


  • John_in_NC
    John_in_NC SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    I don't know your end goal, but I can double click on a data field in the register, and this takes the transaction into edit mode with that field already selected. I can then cut/paste from there.

    That works fine for a single copy/paste. If you need to do multiple values, then selecting the various transactions and File:Export:To CSV (and choose the selected transx) about might be more practical. Your mileage may vary depending on needs.
  • tvpro@
    tvpro@ Member ✭✭
    edited February 2021
    Thanks John. Yes, the data fields are easy to do. It's the balances that can't be selected I find.
  • NotACPA
    NotACPA SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited February 2021
    That might be because the Balance isn't a field stored in Q ... but rather a calculated figure that changes whenever the transactions before it change.
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  • tvpro@
    tvpro@ Member ✭✭
    Thanks. It would be very useful I feel if the text, like most of the text on this page for instance, was selectable.
  • RickO
    RickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    I can suggest a rather cumbersome workaround: Create a Net Worth Report with the date range of just today and only the account you're interested in. Copy/paste or export this to Excel or Numbers. Then you'll be able copy the data.
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  • tvpro@
    tvpro@ Member ✭✭
    Thanks Rick. Good idea. Might come in handy at some point. I'll have to sharpen my memory skills.
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