Make Savings Bond Tracking Easier

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Treasury Direct provides the data files to value any US Savings Bond based upon that Savings Bond's serial number.

Would like to be able to simply enter the serial numbers of the savings bonds and have quicken automatically take over the rest ... updating the values, etc. (alerts on maturity dates would be nice as well on that so +1 on that idea)
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    The US Treasury would need to sign a contract with Q/Intuit for such downloads to be available.
    And I don't see that happening.

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    The bond value files are available for download for anyone to use. They also provide the specification file to use the value file to connect the Bond serial number to the value file. It is public data. Prior link didn;t convert top html so maybe this helps ...
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    Here is a suggestion of how I keep track of U.S. Savings Bonds in quicken. I prefer to create a security in quicken of type "U.S. Savings Bond". For the symbol of the security I use the full Serial # of the bond. I then enter a transaction to record the purchase of 1 share at the Issue price of the bond (e.g. a $100 bond is issued at $50) on the date of purchase. This allows me to keep track of the cost basis of the bond.

    To maintain the current value of the bonds, I enter all my bonds into the Treasury Direct Savings Bond price tool at The site provides instructions on how to save this page so you only have to enter them in once.

    Once you have the list of current prices from the Treasury Direct site, you can simply save the "Serial#, date, Value" into a .csv file. Then in quicken you can use File->File Import->Import Security Prices from CSV file to quickly update your prices.
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    @dagger Wouldn't it be great if Quicken did all that work for you? It's not like valuing a US savings bond is that complex :)