How do I move transfers from a connected account to an unconnected one? Can I do this automatically

I'm new to Quicken. I wanted to get a forecast model and note how much money per month I have left to spend. I'm not too great with X dollars for Y activity, but I'm more comfortable with oh I have X dollars left for the month I can go do Y activity.

I have a checking account that's linked to Quicken. I also have a separate Savings account that's tied Truebill. But Truebill isn't able to connect to Quicken so I had to make an offline bank account. Every week $250 gets marked as Truebill Debit. It's really a transfer of my money into my savings account. What I'm looking to do is set it up so that Quicken sees the Truebill payee and when it deducts $250; or any amount from my checking it will transfer it into my savings. Is there a way to set this up?


  • Sherlock
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    If this is a regular transfer, I suggest you create a transfer reminder and use the reminder to enter the transfer transaction.  When you subsequently import the transaction, Quicken should match the imported transaction to the entered transaction.  Reminders (aka scheduled transactions) are essential for forecasting.
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