Reallocation within an Annuity Investment

I have an annuity investment value (entitled Balanced Asset Allocation) under the heading of "Prudential Investment". I have recently rebalanced/reallocated all the value [shares] to a new investment entitled Preservation Asset Allocation. How do I tell Quicken that I have reallocated all the shares at a given price from Balanced Asset under "Prudential Investment" to Preservation Asset with a new number of shares/price, still under the heading of "Prudential Investment"? I use Quicken 2020 R31.12. Thank you.


  • NotACPA
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    Why isn't this a simple Sell and Buy?
    OR, perhaps, did you designate this investment account as being "Single Mutual Fund"?
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  • Dr.Richard50
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    Thank you very much for offering to help. This investment account functions as being a "Single Mutual Fund" (with shares equaling $1). There is no ticker symbol; I have to manage updates manually (changes in share price [usually quarterly)]. I set up this account years ago - when I had to stop using Microsoft Money. Likely I couldn't discern a better way at the time. Perhaps this provides some clarification. I feel there should be a way to do this - I just don't have the knowledge. Thanks again.
  • Dr.Richard50
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    Apologies - share value changes daily. Not $1. (I was thinking of something else.).