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:s On Feb 10 my NavyFederal Mortgage account downloaded that it was paid off. While I would love if this were true, it is not. I have this problem on two different computers where I have Quicken. I have deleted and re=added the account after I reset and deactivated it. All the same, "this account is paid off" and Quicken is now recommending hiding it in the accounts list. I called help and they said wait a few days. NFCU assured me (sadly) that my account is not paid off. Is anyone else having this problem?


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    Not an answer to your issue, I wonder if it is really worth this trouble to have the once a month transaction update downloaded versus using Quicken's Loan wizard to setup the loan manually with an automatically entered reminder each month?  the manual/reminder method works great for mortgages.
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  • good point, but i originally tried that and it didn't figure out the payment correctly. I may give up and try again with your suggestion, thanks
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