Another 2007 to 2021 Investment Transaction Upgrade Question

I am upgrading from Quicken 2007 (16.0) to current subscription Quicken. The 2007 converter seems to run fine, but I have lost all my investment transactions. The investment accounts are there, as are the amounts transferred into the investment accounts from other accounts, but no buy/sell/dividend transactions. I did rebuild the 2007 file in Quicken 2007 before import.

Is it the fact I was using 16.0? Did I miss an import option somewhere?



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    OP here: Meant to mention I am using Quicken Mac starter. Is that the problem?
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    @cowdogman  Yes, I think Quicken Starter is the issue here. I'm not 100% certain because I don't use Starter. On Quicken's web page comparing the three Mac levels of service -- Starter, Deluxe and Premier -- the features for "Track loans, investments, and retirement accounts all in one place" is only for Deluxe and Premier, not Starter.

    I believe you will need to upgrade your membership to Deluxe to track your investments. If you've recently paid for a Starter subscription, you'll need to contact Quicken Support about upgrading your subscription to Deluxe and paying the difference in cost.

    As a former Quicken 2007 user, I can tell you my investment transactions imported fine into Quicken Deluxe. you may want to switch to Deluxe before you do any appreciable work int he new Quicken, because you'll likely have to re-import from Quicken 2007 to capture all your transactions. (It's possible they're in the file you imported but not visible to you, but I don't know.)

    *Strangely, today the Quicken Web site is only showing Deluxe and Premier on the Quicken Mac and Quicken Windows pages; Starter is omitted. I know Starter was still lister there very recently, but I needed to find an archived version of that page for the image above. I don't know if it's a mistake that it's not showing up or if they've just recently removed Starter from the portfolio of services they're offering moving forward. UPDATING to say that if I visit the Quicken page from different computer, I see the Starter version still listed. Quicken, in their infinite wisdom, apparently has a cookie in my primary browser which is hiding Starter from me as an option. 
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    Hello @cowdogman

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. The reason it looks like you aren't seeing your investments is because the starter version of Quicken does not offer investments. You'll want to be on the deluxe or higher version. If you want assistance in changing version I'd recommend contacting Quicken Support and they'll be able to assist you.

    If you have any other questions please let us know.


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    Thanks both.
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