Looking to switch from Mint and Personal Capital

Hello everyone! I am considering switching to Quicken after 9 long years of Mint and I have two questions.

Historical data:

My understanding is that Quicken will fetch the last 90-ish days of data from my accounts. Am I going to be able to import a csv with all my historical transactions exported from Mint, and basically merge it to the current ones?

Investment tools:

A big chunk of my investments is in Robinhood. They seem to be very adamant in not opening their platform to other tools. Am I going to be able to manually track my investments as I do in Personal Capital? Are the reporting tools in Quicken as good as the ones in Personal Capital itself?

Thank you!


  • jacobs
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    Quicken Mac doesn't generally import .csv files -- but there's an exception for people migrating from Mint. I'd suggest importing your Mint .csv file first, then setting up your accounts for downloading transactions. You'll likely have some duplicates to weed out, but this is a one-time startup issue.

    I don't use Personal Capital, so I can't compare the reporting tools. But yes, you can manually enter transactions for the securities you hold. Reporting on investments is adequate for many users, but are not as robust as some users would like. (There's reason to believe this is an area of the program slated for improvement in the future.)
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  • MarkIT84
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    Hey @jacobs , thanks for confirming!

    Yes, I read here in the community that .csv can only be imported from Mint. It's great news to me as I would need a one-time only, mass import!

    Regarding the investment portion, I've seen a few images out there of a Quicken X-Ray feature. Does the feature still exist and, if so, is it available for Quicken Mac?

    Thanks again!
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    No, the Portfolio X-Ray feature from Morningstar is only in the Quicken Windows product at this time. Whether they will add it to Quicken Mac at some point is unknown.
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