why is quicken connecting to my bank at 4AM if I disabled web access?

I used to sync my quicken for windows with the online version. I disabled that a long time ago. My bank notifies me when someone logs into my account and a few times a week I still see a login from quicken sometime around 2-4AM. This is not initiated by me (this happens when I sleep).
If I change the login/password to my bank and don't update that in quicken then these logins stop, but as soon as I update this info in Quicken, then those random logins start again, even though sync is disabled!

Can someone explain what is going on?


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    This logging into your bank at night has nothing to do with Mobile & Web Sync being turned on or off.  It has to do with one or more accounts being set up for downloads via the Express Web Connect (EWC) method.  You can quickly see which connection methods are set up for each of your connected accounts by pulling up the Account List under Tools.
    EWC login credentials are saved on the aggregator server.  That server then logs into the Financial Institution (FI) at night and scrapes the transactions and online balance data.  That data is then saved on the aggregator server waiting for you to run OSU.  When you run OSU, that saved data on the server is then downloaded into Quicken.
    There's an informative Support article on the types of connection methods at https://www.quicken.com/support/how-quicken-connects-your-bank.

    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R52.33 on Windows 11)

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