When I download new transactions not all are downloading

I have to go to the bank to physically look at the account to make sure the transaction actually cleared sometimes up to 2 weeks ago. I have noticed this happening every time I download. My bank is Idaho Central Credit Union. I have tried the answer to a previous question similar to mine but I have everything checked/unchecked as suggested and have checked hidden accounts to make sure the transactions didn't go there. I have been using Quicken for years, possibly 22, and have never had an issue like this. I am getting very frustrated.
When I reconcile, I almost always get a dollar balance vs. zero balance to the reconciliation also. I have never had this issue either, except when it was my mistake on an overlooked transaction or double entered it. This happens almost every time I reconcile. I was a bookkeeper for 13 years before retiring and would not have been able to keep my job if I kept getting a balance off on the reconciliation.


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    If a missing transaction is present in the OFX log or QFX file, the implication is the transaction's FITID field is matching a previously imported FITID.  A work around may be to use a new register.  You may want to review: https://www.quicken.com/support/missing-some-transactions-when-downloading-bank
  • I don't know if that is the issue as some of the missing transactions come in the next day even though they were in the middle of some of the others that I got the day before. I also went through the link you noted and I made sure all of the boxes were either checked or unchecked that it suggests. That didn't help.
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