Closing or deleting accounts

How can I close or delete multiple accounts


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    You simply right-click on the account name and choose "edit/delete account" In the first window, on the bottom left you can delete your account BUT I suggest from there, you click on Display Options tab and select "Close account". After you close your account, you can "Hide the account name in account and account list." By doing "Close account", all of your transactions will remain in this account.
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    OR; Go to Tools, Account List and edit the Display Options for the individual accounts.  Be sure to check the Show Hidden Accounts box in case they have be hidden previously.  Currently, in QWindows, closed accounts cannot be re-opened.

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    Please remember: If you delete an account register, you also delete all its transactions. Do you really want to do that or will that come back later and haunt you?
    I recommend creating a backup or copy of your data file under a different file name, e.g. Qdata_until_12/31/20 before you start working on deletions ... just in case you need to look up some old transactions again.
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    Phillip D said:
    How can I close or delete multiple accounts
    I take it that you want to do multiple accounts at the same time.  If that is the question, the answer is you can't.  You have to do them one at a time.
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