How do I upgrade Quicken 2007 on a Mac Mini with MAC OS X ?

I am using Quicken 2007 on a 2009 Mac Mini with Mac OS X. It has run great for years but now starting to have problems when I try to print a Category Detail Report it gets an internal error 701 and blows out of quicken with an error dump. The highest OS upgrade I can go to is El Capitan. I went to try and upgrade the OS but it came back and said Quicken 2007 will not operate on El Capita. At this point I would like to Upgrade to the latest Quicken but convert everything to a PC and get off the MAC. How do I do this?


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    There's a bit to unpack there…

    First, Quicken 2007 will run on Macs running El Capitan. Quicken 2007 will work on any macOS up to Mojave. The only caveat is if you have the original release of Quicken 2007, which can only run on macOS up to Snow Leopard (10.6). when you launch Quicken 2007, what version does it show under About Quicken? If it's 16.0.x, then you have the original version that cannot run on a Mac past Snow Leopard; if it is 16.1.x or 16.2.x, it can definitely run on Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra, and Mojave.

    If you have the 16.0 version, you can probably find someone selling the 16.1 version (also known as Quicken 2007 for Lion, Quicken 2007 Lion Compatible, or Quicken 2007 LC) on eBay.

    If you want to move to Quicken Windows, you should post your question in a Quicken Windows category of this forum; most of the Windows experts don't read these Mac posts. Quicken Mac 2007 can export a QIF file, but I'm not sure whether the current version of Quicken Windows is able to successfully import everything from that file. You might need to use an intermediate version of Quicken Windows, but I'll leave that advice to the Windows experts. (The alternative upgrade path would be to update to the current Quicken Mac, then move to Windows, but there are two roadblocks: (1) the current Quicken Mac requires macOS High Sierra or later, and you can't run that on your Mac Mini, and (2) exporting from Quicken Mac and importing into Quicken Windows may lose or mangle your investment accounts.)
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    Thanks for your feedback! I checked on the version and it is 16.0.1 - R2. I will see if I can find a 16.1 or 2 version as you suggest and upgrade it and then upgrade the OS to El Capitan and see how it runs.
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