Est. Taxes paid and Tax Summary Report Issue

The Tax Summary report (date range "last year") doesn't pickup my estimated payments made in Jan 2021 for 2020 taxes yet it does (erroneously) pick up my estimated payment made in Jan 2020 for 2021.  Windows Quicken report works just fine.

Known issue or ???


  • jacobs
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    Maybe I'm not understanding something, but this sounds like it's working correctly. If you run a report for last year, it should include all, and only, transactions dated in 2020. So it would include a January 2020 transaction and not a January 2021 transaction. 

    Quicken has no special knowledge of the tax impact of transactions; how would you expect it to put a 2021 transaction into a report with a date range of last year? (If Quicken Windows has some special feature for estimated tex, there is no such feature in Quicken Mac.)
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  • UKR
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    If a payment was made in January for last year's taxes and you want it to appear in a report with a Date Range selection of Last Year, change the transaction date to 12/31 of last year. Tax Year, even if asked for by Quicken when you record the payment transaction, may not be taken into consideration correctly ...
  • KonaTom
    KonaTom Mac Beta Beta
    I'll just change the transaction date.  Understanding which tax year a tax payment transaction belongs in irrespective of transaction date has been a feature of Windows version for decades.  I'm still figuring out the platform differences and don't want to assume a feature is missing.  Thanks for your responses.
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