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Transactions not clearing in register

I'm seeing some odd behavior with transaction clearing and cloud sync interactions in R31.12 Build Note I typically manually enter transactions and then use the transaction download to determine which have been cleared by the financial institution here is what I'm seeing:

After performing a transaction download, for accounts that used Express Web Connect and Express Web connect + (but not Direct Connect) the downloaded transactions do not appear in the downloaded transactions list even though Automatic Entry is disabled in the register.

Previously I used to see the transaction appear in the downloaded transaction list (they still do for Direct Connect) and I would "Accept" them if they matched. The ODD behavior I see (since the cloud sync was updated several months ago) is that the transactions are not automatically marked cleared on the desktop register until the corresponding Quicken Web entry has the green accept entry checked AND the matching "transaction matched" icon is shown.

If the web side the transaction entry is shown as "Matched" and I "Accept" by clicking on the accept icon for the transaction and turn it green then the transaction will be cleared in the Desktop register after the next cloud sync.

On occasion I have noticed that even Web side transactions that are both "Accepted" and "Matched" do not get cleared in the desktop register. The work around for this appears to be the "Un-accept" and the "Accept" the transaction by clicking twice on the icon then after the next cloud sync the desktop entry will be shown ac cleared.

All this odd behavior started after what appeared to be an update to cloud sync several months ago. I like the cloud version but would prefer that the desktop version still worked as it historically did before cloud sync.

BTW I did a Quicken file verification of my desktop file (running on Windows 10 Home, Build 19041.804) and it showed no errors.

Some answers would be appreciated.


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