Can I use QXF to merge accounts yearly?

Marley Graham
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My wife & I have separate Quicken accounts on separate Mac computers. We keep our Quicken accounts current during the year. But, at the end of the year I do the taxes (importing financial data & exporting to TurboTax). Her data is all for one institution (bank), with checking account only, and no investment data. Is it possible to export her Quicken Bank B data for the tax year by specifying the date range, and then import it into my Quicken account as Bank B in order to merge all of our data for joint filing?


  • jacobs
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    Not easily. Exporting and importing via QXF is a full file transfer; there is no provision to select an account or a date range.

    That said, here's how I think you could hack it, based on your description. Make a copy of her Quicken data file. Open the copy of the data file. If there are any accounts (like credit cards, petty cash, etc.) other than the one bank account you want, delete them. Select all transactions prior to the tax year you're doing, and delete them. you now have a data file with only one account, and only the calendar 2020 transactions. Export that to QXF. Make a backup copy of your main data file in case this doesn't go right… and then import the QXF file from your wife. This should accomplish what you want. (Keep in mind this may bring in Payees, QuickFill rules, Categories, etc. from her data file if they don't already exist in yours.) If you don't want to retain her data in your file, you can delete the account in the left sidebar when you're done -- or you can go back to the file you backed up before the import.

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  • Marley Graham
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    Thank you; that is very helpful. I think I will bite the bullet and export/import her entire history through last year, and then follow your formula starting with the 2021 data. (We already use mostly the same Categories). Or, depending on how painful it turns out to be, maybe delete and re-import everything every year (or every quarter or month). Thanks again; I’ll give it a try.
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