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Hi, I am a user of Quicken for Mac (desktop and mobile). My wife asked me to track her finances as I do in mine. If I create a new account, new user id, is it possible to do it all on my computer login to the software installed in my computer with her new quicken ID? How the sync will work? Will I have to download a new mobile app? Will there be a conflict between them.
The alternative if I am not able to do it from my computer alone (managing two user IDs) I believe I will have to do it with different computers and different mobile devices. Is this so?
Thank you — Marcelo


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    You can have a separate data file for your wife if your goal is to keep things completely separate. You do not need a new QuickenID -- and in fact, a new QuickenID would require a separate subscription, since the subscription is linked to the ID.

    Each Quicken data file has a unique file in the Quicken Cloud, so you should be able to switch between the two different datasets. This Quicken web page explains how to do so. (I don't use the mobile app, so I'll defer to someone who does if there's more to it than this.)
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    Thiollier said: My wife asked me to track her finances as I do in mine.
    Well... basic question - how tightly do you want to see the financials ?
    His, hers, ours -
    We have just one Quicken file - with several Accounts that mirror the real world. 
    So there are "my" Accounts for credit cards, and IRA. 
    And "her" Accounts for checking, IRA, and 403b. 
    Then "joint" Accounts are joint accounts for checking, savings, CD, Investments, etc.

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    I don't use mobile, but I do have one thing to add to @jacobs reply: I believe that anybody possessing the Quicken ID login credentials can view all datasets in the cloud. Therefore, if you are trying to keep each other's data private from each other, then you may in fact need 2 Quicken IDs (and hence 2 subscriptions).

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    Thank you all. I still have some doubts though: First, how do I create a new (second) data file? Secondly, once I create the second data file isn’t there a chance that if I sync to the cloud my mobile app will mess up the two information data files? I do not need to have my wife’s data file on my mobile apps. In fact, I rather have only mine. I was once user of Quickbooks. And Quickbooks allowed to create multiple company accounts under one User id which made things much easier. Thanks to all if you can clarify these issues for me. —
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    @Thiollier  Creating a new, separate data file is as simple as selecting New from the file menu. Or, if you copy your wife's Quicken file to your computer, File > Open. Going forward, you can switch between the files with File > Open Recent to select the other file if you want to switch.

    Every Quicken data file has its own dataset in the Quicken cloud. You can see this by going to Preferences > Connected Services. The two different data files will have separate Quicken Cloud accounts, and won't be merged or co-mingled.

    On the mobile app, you'll have a screen to select which file you want to use. I don't use the mobile app, so this is a screenshot from the Quicken website:

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    Thank you all so much. All did work perfectly. FYI the mobile app works smoothly with 2 different data files. Thanks again
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