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I have found other posts teaching how to add a category for business education which was helpful. I have done so. I ran a report to show expenses by category. I used the customize feature to only show spending that " are tax related". When I do that, that category of business education that I have added gets taken off.

I have found research online ( saying that money spent on tax education is taxable. I imagine I have inserted that category incorrectly in Quicken.

Question, How can I make sure it is listed to be tax deductible, or what should I do to move forward from here? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you


  • Ahmed
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    I did some more reading. Seems like I have to edit the category and give it a tax line item. There are so many options. Nothing seems to fit money spent on education that is business related!

    Thank you
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    If you were doing your taxes manuallly, where on Sched C would you record this?  Because I don't see any place on Sched C for Education Expenses.
    Have you looked at Form 2016 for your recording your education expenses?  It's available in both the Standard and Extended list of tax lines.
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