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drewras Member
I have multiple mobile deposits that I want to combine into a split to save register lines. Can this be done in Quicken Deluxe version 6.1.1 for Mac OS 11


  • RickO
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    Well yes, but you have to do it manually by creating the new split transaction and then deleting all the individual deposits. Check the balance before and afterwards to make sure it's the same. And don't forget to match the reconcile status of the new transaction to that of the individuals. (You can force a green-checkmark reconciled status by option clicking the checkbox in the Clr column.)
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  • drewras
    drewras Member
    Thanks. I was afraid that would be the solution
  • UKR
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    On your bank statement, does each mobile deposit appear as a separate transaction?
    If so, to make it easy to reconcile your register, I would recommend to keep each deposit a separate Quicken register transaction.
  • jacobs
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    I agree with the advice from UKR. It's best to make your transactions in Quicken parallel your transactions in the real world to the greatest extent possible, or you'll be creating other problems for yourself down the road. 
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