How can I retreive data from a few months back

I went back and looked at the end of last year on my credit card account and found that 99% of the memo data is now missing and the account data has been filled in with the same wrong data. From 11-4-2020 until the end of the year 12-31-2020. Is there a way to retrieve this data from a backup without screwing the present data?

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  • GeoffG
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    Afraid not. A restore from backup is not selective, It's all or nothing. You state that the memo fields are missing data, but also state that it's filled with wrong data. Is it possible you have opened a wrong data file?
  • Jim Fish
    Jim Fish Member
    The open file is the correct one. I only have one file. The backup files are on another disk. The memo fields are now blank. I ALWAYS fill in the memo field for every entry and they are now blank for that date range. Additionally, the category field for all of the same entries has been replaced by the same same thing for each one which is invalid. I've also noticed some strange things taking place like where I make a transfer from one account to another and when I go back and look at it later, it shows as a type chk in the received account and the correct amount, but is totally missing in the transferred from account. That really screws up the balances.
  • Sherlock
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    It certainly is possible to export the transactions from accounts in one Quicken file over a date range and import them into another Quicken file using QIF files.  The only tricky bit is reestablishing transfers between accounts.  If you haven't already, you may want to review: