Trouble importing Security prices from CSV

First off, I'm using Quicken H&B 2011 (Windows, Canadian version). I know it's not still supported, but so far it's working just fine for me other than this one issue. I need to manually enter my security prices, not only because I have an old version of Quicken but most of my securities are specialized holdings that don't have data that Quicken would be able to download anyway, so upgrading wouldn't help me.

I've created a txt file and used the format:

For example

When I select the file to be imported, I'm presented with a dialog to select the file and also enter a date that is to be used if I haven't provided a date for a security in my txt file.

I click OK and get a message that it successfully imported (X) prices, where X is the number of lines in my txt file.

When I look at my price history for any security I've imported, the date of the price is that which was in the dialog box. In other words, the date provided in my txt file is always ignored.

I've tried a bunch of different formats that I've read of such as:
- 4 digit years
- quotes around the year
- double spaces instead of commas
- a comma and a space
- tabs instead of commas or spaces (that yielded a file that was unable to be read)
and various combinations, but none have work. The date in the txt file is always ignored.

Does anyone know what I need to do to get Quicken to use the date in my txt file?


  • Chris_QPW
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    The date has to be MM/DD/YY (or YYYY), you day is in the wrong position.
    This is my website:
  • CanUser
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    Thank you. Wow. I can't believe I missed that. I thought I had confirmed I had the right format before. Worked like a charm!