After I reconcile an account, I no longer get a prompt to write a check to pay the balance.

I used to get a prompt for each credit account after I reconciled the account that asked me if I want to write a check to pay the balance. The prompt started to occur after each one--step update when I completed accepting transactions. It used to only show up when I reconciled. This was annoying and I checked the "do not show this message again" box. I thought it would only turn it off for that account. It turned it off for everything. How can I get it back? I've looked through all the settings and I cannot find it.

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    Select Edit > Preferences...

  • mlwendel
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    This did bring back the notifications. Thank you! :)
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    I recommend you set up and use a Scheduled Reminder for your credit card payment. If something were to happen to make you forget or delay your reconciliation process, a correctly set up Scheduled Reminder will help you make payment on time.
    Even better, especially if you always pay the full credit card balance, would be to authorize the credit card company to debit your checking account on due date every month. This would be an electronic debit, not subject to US mail or other processing delays and save you from possible late fees.
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