Do I just create another file for an account I want to keep completely separate from my main stuff?

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I have a separate bank account for a completely different entity I manage. I do not want it to appear with all my home accounts, assets and activity. Do I just create a separate file within the software and use that whenever I work in that entity? Separate files are just that, correct? They have no influence on others and I can "toggle" between them as I work on my home things and then need to work on the account for the other entity, correct?


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    Yes, you can create a new Quicken data file using File --> New from Quicken.
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    You can designate an account to be held separately within the same file with all your other accounts by going to the Display Options tab of Account Details and checking the box for "Keep this account separate-..." You can, of course, set up a separate Quicken data file to do this.  If you go this route, be sure to set it up as a NEW file.  If you instead set it up as a modified copy of your main data file you will find some data file cross talk issues you most likely will want to avoid (things like category changes, additions and deletions in one data file will also show up in the other data file and preference changes in one data file will also show up in the other data file, etc.)  If you set it up as a new file, these issues will not be encountered.
    Also, you should note that you can have only one Quicken data file open at a time.  So, there is no toggling back and forth between them.  When you want to do something in one file when the other is open, opening the other file will cause Quicken to close the open file.

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    I agree with the [x] Keep this account separate ...
    I have a couple of shared accounts with our son, and I track those, but don't want them added into any reports, totals, etc - but it is easier to have everything in one place.

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    If this is a "completely different entity" you manage (perhaps like a HOA or a scout group), you are better off with a separate file.  You can then hand that over to someone else at a later date easily.  

    Switching from one to the other is a matter of closing one file and opening the other.  You cannot have two files open at once and 'toggle' (switch windows) from one to the other.  

    There seem to be a couple of settings that do get shared between files, but nothing of financial significance.  I am not aware of anyone having identified those shared attributes, but issues do arise on occasion.  I just can't recall any of them off the top.    
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