Does second install show all accounts used in first install?

Scott R
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I'm looking to install Quicken on my son's laptop (windows). I understand I need to use the same user id as the first install. I have the Mac Deluxe Subscription. Does using the same user id mean that he would see all of my accounts that I use? I only want him to see his own account. Is this possible?


  • studpup
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    Yes, you use the same credentials, but you'll need to turn your cloud sync off so he can't see your data, otherwise both datasets are available and he can see both.
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  • jacobs
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    There are actually a number of issues here…

    Quicken Mac and Quicken Windows data files cannot be shared; they use different file formats and databases. You could install Quicken Windows on his laptop, create a new Quicken data file, and set up the bank account you want him to be able to use. That data file would be completely separate from your data file on your Mac. You could set up the same bank account on your data file for downloading transactions from the bank, but you wouldn't see any manual entries or edits your son makes locally on his data file.

    As @Studpup says above, if you enable cloud sync in Quicken, then your son would be able to see your data in the mobile app or web interface. If you don't use the mobile app or web interface, turn off cloud sync, and reset your dataset, then your son won't be able to see your data.
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