Why is Quicken Canada living in the Dark ages?

jwp.perry Member ✭✭
I have been using quicken Canada for many, many years and am getting frustrated with the lack of cleaning the product up.
1. I get continual requests to re-input my Quicken ID, depending on how I go into Quicken. It is a giant pain in the butt. In spite of several support inputs nothing get fixed.
2. There is no way as far as I know for the system automatically change the transaction date to the Bank downloaded date without doing it manually, duh!
3. When copy/paste an investment transaction, the window pops up, sometimes blocking the info that you are trying to view, so I move it to a proper location, which is fine. Then the next transaction you try to modify the bloody screen pops up into the same ridiculous position, so I continually have to move it for every transaction copy/past/modify.
4. Create a report, set the column widths so that you can read it. Save the report, next time you pull it up columns are all changed to unreadable, so you have to reset them
5. I could go on and on
6. I have been running Quicken Canada in parallel with [Removed] for over a year, and I will tell you that they do not have any of these problems, and I am seriously considering continuing with it and dumping quicken.

Like I said, I have used quicken for probably twenty years and am getting totally disappointed. I would like to stay with it but....... "Intuit - clean up your act"