Mortgage adjustment problem (Q Mac)

This just started about three weeks ago:
When I sync my transactions, my Mortgage loan (through US Bank) always adds a transaction adjustment that is 2x what I owe, bringing my mortgage loan into a positive amount. Being a loan, it ought to read as a liability, but instead my net worth increases by half a million dollars. This agrees with US Bank's records, which shows my loan balance as a positive number. Any insights or is this a US Bank problem?


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    It sounds like there is a "disagreement" in the agreement between Intuit and US Bank.  So it is really something that they have to work out.  Which means a call to Quicken Support.

    The way downloading of loan accounts work is through Quicken Connect.  Quicken Connect is basically an "agreement" between Intuit and the financial institution of how to get the information from the financial institution's website.  It sounds like Inuit is expecting negative numbers, but US Bank is giving them positive numbers.  The idea that the sign might different isn't too unexpected.  For instance credit card companies might either show the balance from your perspective (negative) or from their perspective (positive).  But of course for this to work right they have to get this "agreement" right.

    Quicken Inc pays Intuit for Quicken Connect service.  You can't contact Intuit directly.  And I'm not sure you will get much traction on the US Bank side unless you can really get to the "backend guys/gals" that know what you are talking about.  I'm sure that long before that they will just call it a "Quicken problem".

    Quicken support needs to get in there and contact the right people:
    Contact Quicken Support
    This is my website:
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