Credit Cards not completely updating

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So, I am using Quicken 6.1.1 - just downloaded and installer w/ install app - with Mac OS 11.2.2 (Big Sur) - on a Mac Mini and my checking accounts download activity accurately. When I do the credit cards, there are big swatches of time - several months - even when I download the Web Connect or QIF files to re-upload to the bank, these gaps are there.

What gives??


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    Hello @Peter

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I do apologize for the issue you're having. Could we get more information on what's happening. Did you recently switch computers and are having issues with reloading information or are you trying to start a fresh file? What FI's are you also having issues with.

    Once we get more information please let us know and we'll take a deeper look!


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  • DarinT
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    Similar issue, but only affecting one account.

    Im running Quicken 6.1.1 on a Mac, recently updated from OS 10.15 to Big Sur 11.2.3.

    When I attempt to connect my Costco Citi card (which has been working for more than a year) it now shows the error "AGGREGATOR_IN_ERROR (FI_WEBSITE_UNAVAILABLE:ccscrape.105)

    I can't change it to a Direct Connection - it's greyed out. On this link:
    It states that "If Direct Connect is grayed out, it means that it is not available for this Financial Institution(FI). After making your selection, click Continue."

    I logged into my Citi account and set the option to allow Quicken access under the "Manage Your Desktop Apps", went back to Quicken, while the 10 minute timer was running, and tried several times to connect, each time resulting in the same error.

  • DarinT
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    Also checked the Mac Security and don't see anything being blocked for Quicken, including under Firewall where it is set to "Allow Incoming Connections".
  • DarinT
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    Temporarily turning off the firewall didn't change the error. Same goes for turning off Anti Virus (Trend Micro)
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    have you tried using "Citi Cards" as the financial institution name for your Costco card? That's what I'm using and it's been working very well for years.

  • DarinT
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    Tried once before didn't connect.

    Tried again now and it did. Thanks!

    So hey, Quicken, what changed that the Costco Citi card that it stopped, after working for a looong time?
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    @DarinT  You're talking to mostly fellow Quicken users here, not the Quicken developers. In most cases, we can share knowledge learned in the trenches, but not why certain things changed. And with connectivity issues, most of those services are provided by Intuit under contract to Quicken, so even the folks at Quicken may not know exactly what changed. 
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