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    I have the same issue with Fidelity and Ameriprise, both of which use Direct Connect and are fully operational until I make any change whatsoever to the online services or either one. Both use Direct Connect. Any type of update to the online services of either set of accounts (e.g., adding a new account or resetting account) causes the other company's accounts to immediately generate OL-362-A for it's Direct Connect interface despite those accounts not having any changes whatsoever and being fully functional just prior to adding a new account for the other company. Fixing the accounts that suddenly start getting OL-362-A breaks the accounts for the other company that were just working. There are never any changes to the accounts that go from being operational to OL-362-A, only changes to another company's Direct Connect configuration.

    I worked directly with live Quicken support and escalated to a supervisor who explained Quicken has nothing to do with supporting accounts that use Direct Connect. Quicken only supports Web Express Connect which they control. External companies control Direct Connect interfaces. Apparently these companies use a service provider for their Direct Connect interface with Quicken, and I have to wonder if all the companies having this problem use the same provider and they have a problem with their Quicken interface.

    BTW, the only "solution" I could find is to revert to a backup file to get all the accounts working again that previously worked. The moment I add a new account to either Fidelity or Ameriprise (doesn't matter which one), it breaks Direct Connect with OL-362-A for all the accounts for the other company that was not even touched. The moment I fix the one that breaks, the other breaks again. I can go back and forth but never get both sets of accounts to work again.

    It is painfully obvious that Quicken has an issue related to their Direct Connect interface and their Quicken desktop software corrupting accounts unrelated to ones that are being changed. It is incredibly easy to reproduce if they bothered to engage anyone to find the root cause. I can create the problem any time they want, but they simply said they don't support the problem. If only there were more competition for this type of software so they felt motivated to actually fix their software.

    Quicken must provide support for this issue since it is their desktop software that is being affected by the problem, even if the trigger is somehow the Direct Connect interface, the specifications for which they surely define for all providers that use it. Yet Quicken claims zero responsibility for finding and resolving the root cause of their Direct Connect interface issues corrupting other company's accounts unrelated to changes made in their software.

    My present workaround is to simply not enable Direct Connect for any new accounts I have with Fidelity or Ameriprise so I can at least keep all the accounts operational that have been working for years. I have to maintain the new accounts manually. I was going to try web express connect for the new accounts, but neither Ameriprise nor Fidelity support that. I have to wonder if all the companies having this issue use the same provider for their Direct Connect interfaces and there is a flaw in how they implemented it. This issue did not exist a few years ago.
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    Hello @doetzel

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to provide us with this feedback, although I apologize that was support was unable to resolve this issue.

    Unfortunately, Direct Connect errors may not be escalated as Quicken does not have access to the banking servers to correct this issue. Did you by chance try contacting the financial intuition(s) for assistance?

    If not, I would recommend reaching out. You may need to request to speak to a supervisor or higher support to get in contact with the correct department to address your connectivity issue.

    I apologize for not being able to resolve this issue here in the Community.

    -Quicken Tyka
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