How do I get my registers working again?

Timothy Gannon
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How do I get my registers working again? After the Quicken Premier 2020 upgrade 4-5 days ago I learned that I got bizzare totals in my register when I printed it. I then noticed that every entry was not reflected in the register. When I searched for it, it appeared but not in the register. What do I do now?


  • YingDave
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    Just before you hit the panic button, make sure your register is sorted in a way that you expect and has not changed. When the Account is displayed, hit the little cog settings wheel above the register search on the right. Then about 3/4 down the list is "Sorting Options" which opens another pop up, and then go to the very bottom entry "by Date / Order Entered" should give a list you can work with. If you can't see you transactions there in data you expect, try using the search window for the register to look for specific payee or memo text.

    Did you find them after that, or something else is a problem?
  • NotACPA
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    You can also, in each account, click on any column in the account to sort by the value in that column.  If the triangle next to the column name point UP, the register is sorted so that the oldest/smallest values are at the top, and they're at he bottom if the triangle points down.

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