How do you delete scheduled transactions

I'm having trouble deleting scheduled transactions within Quicken Premier for MAC.
I think I've deleted them but they pop-up again when they become due.


  • RickO
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    Double click a schedules transaction (one with the clock icon in the Status column). A blue bar will appear below the transaction. Click Delete All Instances:

    P.S. This is done in the register if you have scheduled transactions displayed, or in Bill & Income > Projected Balances.
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  • jacobs
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    Try going to the register a transaction appears in (e.g. checking account, credit card account). If you don't have the register set to display any future scheduled transactions, set it to show the next occurrence by clicking the little arrow to the right of the small clock icon under the Search box. Then double-click on the next instance of the scheduled transaction, and look for the blue sub-menu which pops up below:

    Click "Delete All Instances", confirm in the "are you sure" dialog box which follows, and Quicken will delete the scheduled transactions and all its future instances.
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  • gkallred
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    I don't have a Status Bar and I don't have an clock icons.
  • jacobs
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    @gkallred  Are you running the current version of Quicken Mac? 

    In your register, the Status column referenced above (there is no status bar) is the one with just a bullet ( • ) in the heading; it's normally the left-most column, unless you moved or hid it.

    Scheduled transactions show a clock in the Status column:

    In this example, the one on top is above the green line separating future transactions; you can also tell because the test is in gray, not black. The second one above shows a scheduled transaction with a date in the past that has not yet been marked as paid or deposited.

    No matter what scheduled transaction in a series you double-click, Quicken will jump to the next one (which could be in the past, present or future) for editing. This is where you can click Delete All Instances, as shown in the posts above this, to delete the scheduled transaction.

    If you're not seeing future transactions, you may been to set your register to show them. On the upper right of each register, there is a different clock icon:

    Click on that and you can select from the pop-up menu how many scheduled transactions you want to display in that register:

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