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Unbudgeted / Everything Else Category?

How can I find all the transactions for categories that I choose not to show in my budget? E.g. Quicken will tag UPS as a "Business Expense" but that's not one of my categories. I think there should be an Unbudgeted / Everything Else category but I don't see it in Quicken for Mac 6.1.


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Quicken Mac does not have an "everything else" feature in its budgets, as there is in Quicken Windows. There is an idea thread on this site where you can add your vote for this enhancement request. (Click on the link, and in the blue box under the first post, click on the little gray arrow under the vote counter to add your vote.)
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  • chrisserger
    chrisserger Member
    Thanks for the reply. That's annoying. I suppose I could take every unused category and move to my own custom "Everything Else" but that's a wonky workaround.
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