Is it abuse, inappropriate or just incorrect forum etiquette

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How are you supposed to respond to certain senior members espousing their opinion is the only opinion that is correct therefore my opinion or experience is wrong, and worse I am somehow misleading others. Everything they say is correct and the only version of the truth when clearly that is not the world we live in. Considering there is no manual for Quicken these days there is no right way and wrong way and mergers / acquisition transactions are becoming ever more complex. They also seem to be redefining certain trading investment terms, back in the day of telephone trade desks would have left brokers struggling to understand. Maybe if certain members of this forum have been around too long it leads to a online culture of arrogance? Not sure it's abuse but it is certainly belittling and does not encourage me or others to stick around here and help others.

To be more specific what are the flags for on posts & what happens when posts are flagged as abuse vs. report?


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    There are always going to be differences of opinion.  I suggest you try to remain objective, stick to the topic, and not be personally offended.  We should be able to disagree without crying to a moderator who, in my experience, have always made things worse.

    To answer you're specific question, the Flag gets the attention of a moderator.  The first Spam or Abuse buries the post and the second, removes the post pending review.  Note: Five Unhelpful and Off topic will also bury the post and get the attention of a moderator.  Report is used to alert the moderators to posts we think should be moved, deleted, or have some other action performed.
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