Capital Gains report not including reinvestments

Lee Cannon
Lee Cannon Member
edited May 2022 in Reports (Windows)
When I do a Tax: Capital Gains report it does not include reinvestments (reinvLg or reinvSh) as entered from mutual fund transactions. The accounts are not flagged Deferred Tax and it is true whether or not it is Single Mutual Fund Account. The mutual fund securities are not flagged as Tax Free. The accounts and securities are include in the report configuation.

I ran a Capital Gains report that covered a time frame that includes when mutual funds that were sold. This report included reinvestments including those that were issued and reinvested prior to the report time window. This would be proper if the account was set as Tax Deferred, but its not.

It seems like Quicken is assuming that all mutual fund securities are tax deferred.
Other than on IRAs etc, Capital Gains are taxable in the year they are issued, even if they are reinvested.


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