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Classification of Investments

My investment manager is charged with balancing my accounts so that they are 70/30 Equities & Fixed Income. Therefore I want to classify my investments into two (2) categories: Equities & Fixed Income in Quicken. Is there a field for this or is there a place where one can be added?


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    In Quicken Mac, each security can be assigned an Asset Class. The list is limited and not hugely useful:

    This list of Asset Classes cannot be edited by users (although there are requests to change this in the future.

    For your purposes, if you classified all your securities using just two of these Classes, you could get what you want. That is, assign all stock securities to "Large Cap Stocks" and assign all bond securities to "Domestic Bonds" -- even if those aren't entirely accurate. Then, in the Portfolio view of your investments, you can set the filters to (1) Portfolio Value and (2) Group by Asset Class, and you'll see your holdings for all equities (labeled as "Large Cap Stocks") and all fixed income investments (labeled as "Domestic Bonds"). Not perfect, but it accomplishes what you wanted. (This assumes you don't have any mutual funds which are a mix of equities and fixed income.)
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