Reconciliation and Scheduled Transaction

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I find it very annoying that I cannot find a method of determining if entires have been reconciled.
A also would like to see a Scheduled Transaction screen, where you can go in and edit scheduled transactions.
Quicken programs seem to get worse with every upgrade.


  • RickO
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    1. Do you have the Clr column in view? That column shows a green circle checkmark if a transaction has been reconciled. A blue square checkmark for transactions that have been cleared but not yet reconciled.

    2. For a list of scheduled transactions that you can edit, go to Bills & Income > Projected Balances.
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  • jacobs
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    Here's what the Clr column looks like:

    It's easy to see what's reconciled or not; you just have to tell Quicken to show you this column. Note that you need to show this column in each register where you want to see it; it's no something you turn on or off globally.

    For scheduled transactions, you can also see them in your registers if you wish. Click on the clock icon on the upper right…

    …and select from the drop-down menu how far into the future you want to see scheduled transactions:

    Then you'll see scheduled transactions right in your register. They're noted by a clock icon in the Status column, like the first two here:

    Double clicking on a scheduled transaction in a register will cause a mini-menu of choices to pop up under the transaction:

    Clicking Edit All Instances will let you make edits to all future instances of this scheduled transaction (it never affects ones previously marked Paid/Deposited).

    Note that this is an alternative to using the Bills & Income screen as RickO mentioned above; use whichever you find easier.

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