Manual Entry of Transactions requires pressing NEW Button

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I enter a lot of transactions manually and after entry, the software requires me to press the NEW button for a new transaction. Prior versions did not require this. It forwarded me to the next line item ready for the next entry. I talked with support and he assured me that this is a known issue and will be handled on the next update. Anyone else having this issue?


  • Hoss
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    I have the same issue, but I was under the impression it was a feature and not an issue.

    I wish the registers were like those in the Windows versions (and like real checking registers) where there is alway a blank line for entering a new transaction...
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    I wouldn't necessarily buy that it will be handled in the next update; this is the way Quicken Mac has worked since the modern version came out 6+ years ago, and there are some practical and technical reasons (which I won't go into here) that the developers have explained why Quicken doesn't leave a blank transaction open all the time. 

    But there's a simple solution: instead of pressing Return followed by New for each entry, press Command-N instead of Return. That will (a) save the first transaction and (b) open a blank new transaction -- with just the single keystroke.

    As a longtime Quicken Mac user, I'll say that it takes a while to retain the brain and the fingers to do this a new way, but over time, it will become second nature. (Well, I'm still re-training my brain; I get it right about 75% of the time! ;) 
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