how do you print checks, I had an old version 2009 and just got upgraded



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    how do I print checks I am moving from the old 2009 version to Mac where can I find the icon
  • jacobs
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    There's some good basic information about check printing in the Help section of Quicken. On the Help menu, select Quicken Help. Click on the "Banking" link on the right side, and then "Writing and printing checks" near the bottom of that screen.  

    In brief… There's no specific icon for printing checks. Print Checks is at the bottom of the File menu, but you first have to enter one or more transactions for which you wish to print checks. You can enter these as regular transactions in a register, and enter "PRINT" in the Check # column to indicate the transaction is awaiting check printing, or you can do Transactions > Write Check (or Command-J) to enter checks transactions, including Payee addresses for the check. 
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