I want to delete accounts and/or change passwords in my Password Vault and am unable to do so

I have several accounts in my Password Vault that no longer exist and I would like to delete them. When I open Password Vault in Tools and choose Add or Edit Passwords, The add, Change, and Delete buttons will not show up highlighted even when I choose an account. Any ideas of what to try next. I deleted my Password Vault password and set up a new one, that did not help.

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    Do the accounts show up in Tools > Account List ? If they do, can you delete the "old" accounts from there. That should delete the account(s) from the vault I believe.  From the Tools > Password Vault > Add or Edit Passwords, I do not see a way to delete an account, only edit or change passwords. The "Change" and "Delete" on my accounts do not highlight until I highlight an existing password for a specific account. 
    See if that helps, 

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    The financial institution account credentials should be automatically removed from the Password Vault when all of the account registers associated with the financial institution have had their Online Services deactivated.  You may want to review: https://www.quicken.com/support/deactivate-online-banking-services-quicken-account
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    Thank you. The accounts were hidden in my accounts list. Checking them out showed that they were still activated.
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