Where do I go to see all of my scheduled transactions?

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  • Bradron
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    I am new to Quicken deluxe for Mac - have been using Quicken 2007 for Mac. How do I find a List of scheduled future transactions? I need to amend and delete some future items. The Help manual states 'Choose List - scheduled transactions" but I cannot find where you "Choose Lists"
  • jacobs
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    There are two places you can see scheduled transactions in Quicken Mac. One is by clicking on Bills & Income on the top row of tabs/links. the various tabs of Bills, Income and Payees give you different aspects of your scheduled transactions.

    The other is to see them in your registers. In the upper right corner, under the search box, click on the little clock icon to set how many scheduled transactions you want to have visible in the register -- from just the next instance of each one to everything over the next year. 

    Note that this is set on a register-by-register basis. So perhaps you want to see 3 months out for your checking account, but only your next schedule ones for your credit card.
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  • Gorpus
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    This procedure lets me view future transactions (eg more than next month's transactions in a monthly sequence), but it will only let me edit the next one in the sequence (eg, the one two months out). When I try to edit it, the editing window always reverts to the next traction. If try to change the date, Q complains about overlapping transactions.
  • jacobs
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    You're correct; you can't edit instances of scheduled transactions other than the next one. A scheduled transaction isn't stored as separate transactions in the Quicken database; it's a single transaction "template" with multiple future dates. But if you need to edit a future transaction now, you can mark future dates "Paid" (or "Deposited"), after which so you can edit dates or anything about the transactions. They're still in the future, they're just no longer part of the chain of scheduled transactions.
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