Bug: Changing date on recurrent Bill Pay

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If I have a recurring Bill Pay set, I cannot change the date of a specific transaction to a latter date than it was origninally set to. Quicken gets confused and instead pays a later bill.

1) I have a quarterly bill. Next bill to be sent is scheduled for March 28th (a weekend).
2) I change the payment date of the upcoming bill in Quicken's register to a slightly later date, e.g. March 29th.
3) When I send the bill, Quicken gives a confusing error about there being an earlier bill when there isn't one. This error does not go a way if Quicken is closed then reopened.
4) When I send the bill for March 29th, Quicken then ignores the bill I'm trying to send and instead sends the next bill in the series (set for June 28th).
5) The bill I was trying to send for March 31 is NOT sent but instead deleted.


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    @SPrager  Unless you get a response from one of the Quicken moderators here that this is a known bug, I suggest you report it by copying and pasting your post into the Help > Report a Problem screen in Quicken Mac. You won't receive a response, but this is the official way of reporting a bug. The developers generally don't read these forums.
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    Thanks for the advice. Will do!
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