Importing QFX file containing transaction dates >= 1/1/2028 import with incorrect dates

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I am using an utility Bank2QFX to convert an Excel file to a QFX Web connect file. The Excel file contains interest and principle transactions for a reverse mortgage extending out to 2031. When I try to import the QFX file, all transactions with a date greater or equal to 1/1/2028 import with dates starting at 1/1/1900. The year is incorrect. All other transactions before this date import correctly. I have opened the QFX file with a text editor and all the dates have the correct format. So I don't think the issue is with the Bank2QFX utility.

The file is importing into a Credit Card type account. I have tried this on a new Quicken file with a minimum of imported transactions. I have a test Excel, QFX and Quicken file if needed.

I have used this utility on other accounts types and transactions and I've been very successful. (Of course the utility is not without it's quirks.)

Unless I get information saying otherwise, I think this is a bug in Quicken. I am open to suggestions to solve this.

I am using:
Windows 10 Pro
Q Premier ver R32.10
Bank2QFX ver 4.0.162.


  • Chris_QPW
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    I can confirm that this is a bug in Quicken's QFX import.
    You should use: Help -> Report a problem, to make sure it gets to the developers.

    As a workaround I suggest you switch to QIF.

    You can use my program for a CSV/Excel file to QIF conversion.
    I checked dates for 2028, 2038, and 2040, and they all imported correctly (given that the input date has a 4 digit year) for QIF imports.
    This is my website:
  • DoctorBrown
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    Thank you for the confirmation on this problem. I have submitted Help > Report Problem to Quicken. Now let's see how long it takes the developers to address this. I suspect it has been a lurking problem for quite a while. How many people try to import transactions with data beyond 2027 (which is getting closer all the time).
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