No matter how hard I wish this were true, it is not.
I went into Quicken this morning to enter this month's interest charge. To do so, I went from my main payment account, to the indicated transfer (I generally post the interest as a split from the transfer in the loan account). This time when I opened the loan register, it indicated "The Loan is Paid off". Not true... how do I correct this? I have gone to the bank online and downloaded a "QFX" of the account. Linking it to the account in Quicken... no fix. I did the same using the transaction history and attempted to create a new register... no good. At this point I seem to be out of options other than deleting the account within Quicken then using the transaction history QFX to recreate the account. My concern is "fixing" all the transfers from the payment account to the Loan Account. In the past "transfers" were recognized and accounted for while others were not.
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  • Chris_QPW
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    Are you downloading transactions in the loan account?
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  • Dave Robinson
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    Sorry such a delay! I tried to but it always indicates "The Loan is Paid Off". My solution was to delete that register/account and create a new one from my bank download. I seem to be "in-step" with my bank now.
    Thank you.
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