NFCU Credit Card Download Does Include Transactions From All 3 Cards tied to account

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When using QuickenConnect to download NFCU Credit Card transactions, transactions appear for only two of the three cards tied to the account. When I download and import an off-line QFX file from the NFCU website for the same period, the transactions for all three cards are contained in it. Any help appreciated on where this problem lies.



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    Hi @usnavy1610,

    If you've searched this forum for the past year or so, you may have seen several posts about users having issues with connecting NFCU credit card accounts in Quicken. For some reason, Quicken will find the accounts but mark them "Unknown Type" or "Account Type Not Recognized".  Here's a LINK to one thread from last Fall. 

    Regarding the "account" that you have setup in Quicken - is it actually one account (i.e. you receive one bill each month that includes transactions from all 3 cards)?  If so, is there anything about the card that doesn't connect that is significant or might cause it not to download (e.g. are the 2 cards that DO download in one person's name while the other one is in another name)?

    NFCU does designate one member as the primary card holder, is there any significance of that to the cards that are or are not downloading?

    Get back to me and we'll go from there.


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  • usnavy1610
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    Hi @Frankx ,

    Thanks for your quick response and willingness to help.

    I've had no problem with Quicken recognizing my NFCU credit cards appropriately during set-up. Quick recognizes it as a credit card each time.

    My credit card is as you describe. It is a Joint Account in both my name and my wife's, and our college son is an authorized user. My card number serves as the overarching account number, and my wife and my son have their own unique credit card numbers in their names, under the same account. This setup was initiated by NFCU, so that if if one of the cards is lost, you do not need to replace all of the cards on the account (nor change merchant payments, etc).

    Charges by me and my wife appear, but charges by our son do not.

    TIA, Stu
  • usnavy1610
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    @Frankx , just to add, I went ahead and created a new quicken file and added my NFCU accounts. The same symptom is presented- transactions for my son's card do not appear.
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