. Where is the About?

dguerriero Member
Just lost my question if thats what you want here. I have multiple Quiken apps by mistakes I guess. How do I get back to one that I can start with. It was bought two or thre years ago and I cannot find any info about it or start it workinh.


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Your question is not clear enough to be able to offer much help.

    Can you not find any Quicken application n your computer currently? 
    Or, do you have different versions of the Quicken program (like Quicken 2017 and Quicken) and not know which to use?
    Or, do you have multiple different Quicken data files and not know which one to use?

    If you can try again to explain your problem, perhaps people here will be able to offer some help.
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