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Reporting Issue | Transfers

If an item comes in from your bank with a preset category of "transfer" that it item will never show up on reporting. You can change the Category to a proper category, but it will still NEVER show up on a Category Report. You have to DELETE the item that was imported and create a NEW item for it to show on a report. A prime example is 'Paypal' items that come in through my bank. They come in categoried to 'transfer', I change them to the proper category, but they never show on a category report.


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @cbjames  Hmmm, I cannot replicate what you're reporting. Quicken always changes reporting based on edits to transactions. If I create a transaction using the Category "Transfer", it doesn't show up in a Category report; if I then then change the Category to something else, the transaction immediately show up in the report.

    I wonder if the downloaded transaction has entered something in the Transfer column. Do you have the transfer column visible? If not, make it visible by clicking on Columns in the bottom toolbar and checking Transfer. Is there something in the Transfer column of your PayPal transaction? If there is anything in the Transfer column -- whether it's the word Transfer or something else -- it won't show up in a report. But if you blank that field, you'll see the transaction will show up in a report.

    (I don't know if you have PayPal as a separate account in Quicken or not, so there could be some separate discussion of how you might want to deal with PayPal transactions going forward, but I don't want to jump there without seeing if your original issue can be resolved.)
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