OK to use ONLY Quicken on the web?

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Of the three Quicken solutions (desktop, Android, Web), I have learned that I actually prefer Quicken on the Web. It is a first rate web app. I have also recently switched to a Chromebook, so I am looking for a strictly web based solution (I am looking into Simplifi also, but it's missing a few features I would like, so I'm not moving that way yet). I understand that the web app is only a "companion" to the desktop app, so I still fire up my old Windows laptop once a month or so to sync it with my Quicken data in the cloud, but I would prefer to stop having to do that. Is there any compelling reason why I can't strictly use the web app, and never run the desktop app again?
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    Well as you have pointed out it is a companion app.  There is certain things you just can't do on it, like create accounts, budgets, categories, ...  Also there isn't any "backup".

    On here the most common "workarounds" for problems is "Reset Cloud data".  This is basically deleting what is in the cloud account and resend the data from the Desktop data file.  Clearly that points to the fact that the "cloud account" gets mess up from time to time.  And if you hit that without and the Desktop being recently synced.  Well there goes your data.
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