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Payee and Memo showing data different from what is expected

Ray Hallman
Ray Hallman Member ✭✭✭
After yet another FI changed processors transactions are showing with no, or odd Payee. As part of troubleshooting I created a test Quicken database and added the FI and accounts. Then after performing an Express Web Connect, I find that the data shows properly on the test file. Though the test file shows memorized Payee's for some of the transactions it does not show any for the transfers. The live file had some memorized payees for transfers so I deleted those and tested by making a few new transfers. The live file is still showing the odd Payee info so I think that tells me the information is coming from other than the memorized payee list. The first image here is the Live file and the 2nd is the test file. Does anyone have an idea how I can the the live file to match how the test file shows after import for this FI? Thanks for your help!


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