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In Memo column of Register, some entries cut off

I notice in the Memo column of the register, some entries seem to show the end of the text with the beginning cut off. For example "SOUTHWEST GAS CORPORATION" appears as "THWEST GAS CORPORATION". This one was easy to guess, while others aren't so obvious. If I make my own manual entry in the Memo field, it displays correctly. So this is happening from downloaded transactions from banks, credit card companies, etc. Is there a setting where the entry shows the beginning and not the end? It's like it was right-justified in a narrow workspace and then left-justified into the Memo column and the truncation started from the left or beginning.


  • Chris_QPW
    Chris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    Quicken doesn’t truncate the memo in this way.  In fact I believe the memo can be as long as 256 characters (I haven’t checked that for sure), but for sure it doesn’t truncate from the left and it allows for a lot more characters than that.

    For a Direct Connect type of connection there isn’t any doubt that it is coming from the financial institution that way, and they would have to fix it.

    For Express Web Connect where the Intuit server’s retrieve the information from the financial institution’s website it is possible, but highly unlikely that it is retrieving it incorrectly.  But much more likely that is how the financial institution is providing it.

    For Direct Connect talk to the financial institution.  For Express Web Connect you need to talk to Quicken support, so they can contact Intuit about it. You can’t contact Intuit directly.
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