What happened to all my banking accounts and all the accounts

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I feel blindsided again by Quicken update(s) and their attempts to create a better user experience. I've been a user for 20+ years. The top horizontal menu is not providing me a pull down that allows me to access the basic view of any or all my banking, credit card, loan accounts, et cetera. How do I see my business checking account and personal banking accounts. I can't even find them through opening up old reports and choosing from there. It's such a basic need. Quicken has made feel like a newbie again < end of rant. What's the obvious answer? Thanks.


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    Are you using the current subscription version of Quicken for Mac?

    If YES: Do you have the main window open?

    If NO: click menu Window > (your filename) or keyboard Command-1.

    Do you see the sidebar at the left side of the main window with the words "All Transactions" at the top?

    If NO, then the sidebar may be collapsed. Click this icon to expand it:

    Do you now see All Transactions, but not all of your accounts?

    If YES: Click the three dot icon (...) then Expand All Sidebar Groups. You should now see all of your accounts.

    If none of this is working, perhaps you somehow created an empty data file and are looking at that instead of your regular file. If so, click menu File > Open Recent and select the name of your regular data file.
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    @stevemb It would also help to know what version you updated from. If you've been using any version of Quicken Mac from the past six years, the basic format of the program has only minimally changed. If you moved from the old Quicken 2007, then the user interface is indeed quite different, but most of the fundamentals remain once you get oriented to the layout of the program. 
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    Here's a related Idea post that you may want to go vote for:


    (Click the triangle in the blue box at the top.)

    This would likely be implemented by adding an account list to the Accounts menu as was the case in QM2007 via the Lists > Registers menu.
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    +1 and many thanks for all these rapid responses! I did finally succeed with a work around by opening a report last year and un-clicking the accounts I didn't want to focus on the one now. Hint: I'm doing tax preparation. Now back to another cup of coffee with focus the losses in 2020. Side note: This morning I assisted a sibling by fielding a call on the farm leases. Onwards.
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